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We believe that great building design tells a story and in order to achieve the greatest designs you need a fabrication company that not only understands and appreciates the design process… but also the engineering requirements and has a process for testing and coming up with “new solutions” that add value and help you achieve those stories without straining the budget goals.


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luis gabriel
orozco padilla

Trained as an Architect Luis Gabriel is the founder and Creative Director of Kinetica. 

For over twenty years he’s been leading the office in a quest for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions for some of the most challenging architectural projects around the world.

Passionate about processes, materials, and complex geometry, Luis Gabriel has built a unique hybrid between an Industrial Design Office and High Tech Fabrication Workshop, with projects that span from New York to Dubai, and from Brazil to Morocco.

 He has been awarded the “Premio Obras Cemex ” twice, in its 2012 and 2014 editions, for Innovation in Construction.

cruz ramírez

Julieta received her Master in Business Innovation from ITESM and an Advanced Project Management Certification from Stanford Center for Professional Development after graduating with a B.A. in Industrial Design

Before moving into her role as Business Development Director she led Kinetica’s Design team participating in projects for renowned architects such as Wallace Cunningham, David Chipperfield, Foster+Partners, and Zaha Hadid Architects.

Her knowledge about materials, processes, international logistics, and business operations in conjunction with her assertive personality and natural leadership make her the perfect connection point for clients and architects.

ayup nájera

Major on civil engineer by ITESM and project manager diploma by Ibero, Hassan starts his career as field Engineer and Jr. project Manager for one of the largest Space Frames and Domes design and manufacturing firms.

He joined Kinetica as Lead Engineer for several of the office’s projects among which it is worth highlighting James Turrel’s Skyspace “encounter”, Caruso e Torricella’s “Ternium Auditorium”, Foster + Partners’ “Saqqara tower Lobby” and Sasaki’s “La carreta Pavilion”.

His experience managing multidisciplinary teams, administrating resources, and a strong project focus, along with his knowledge on processes and equipment made him a great fit for the coordination of kinetica’s internal operations, a role he has been covering as Operations Director since 2019.

nuevo arenas

Trained as Industrial Designer, part of the first generation of Computational Design specialists in Latin America. He made a career as a consultant and lecturer, participating in several academic forums in Mexico, Colombia, and Panamá and collaborating with different design firms throughout Latin America before joining kinetica. 

He’s been in charge of building and leading kinetica’s Computational Design department, one of a kind among architectural fabrication companies. He’s also in charge of Kinetica’s Advanced Robotic Manufacturing Site.

He’s been involved in several High Profile projects for architects such as Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, and Heatherwick Studio.

fernández zavala

Industrial Designer passionate about Algorithm Aided Design, Leon led a Design Office focussed on the implementation of  Digital Fabrication Methods for Architectural elements and Product development before joining Kinetica’s Computational Design team.

A skilled 3d modeler, his experience in computational algorithms, digital fabrication, and project management made him the obvious choice to undertake the development of the 2020 Dubai Expo Project; in which he led both Design and Fabrication teams as well as being in charge of the in-site supervision for the installation of the project.

molina ruiz

Humberto is a young talented architect who joined kinetica as an intern. His intelligence, discipline, and adaptability earned him a permanent position as part of the Computational Design team just after graduation.

He’s been involved in several of kinetica’s projects in the USA and was in charge of the supervision of the installation for Zaha Hadid Architects’ One Thousand Museum Lobby and Drive Court. He was also part of the team in charge of the supervision of the installation for the 2020 Dubai Expo project.

francisco javier
ortiz vazquez

Upon receiving a Degree in Architecture from UNAM, Francisco focused on the use of computational tools as means for architecture development, not only as mere representation tools but as exploration, experimentation, and analysis mediums, applying this to a wide palette of projects, from interiors and housing to commercial and mix uses.

With a strong portfolio, he joined kinetica and rapidly adapted his skill set to tackle different analysis, optimization, and fabrication problems. He then joined the team in charge of the supervision of the installation for the 2020 Dubai Expo project.

marina sugai brant
de carvalho

After graduating from Escola da Cidade’s Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo with a bachelor’s in architecture and Landscape Design, Marina’s interest in Robotics, 3D-Printing, Biomimicry, and Origami led her to enroll in a Master in Parametric Design in Architecture from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

A lifelong learner, Marina’s skillset spams from 3d modeling and rendering to BIM, visual programming, and scripting, this, in conjunction with her proficiency in English, French, and Spanish has allowed her to collaborate with international teams in architecture offices in Brazil, Belgium, Spain and now México.

tamez escamilla

Interested in Aircraft Design, Denisse enrolled in Aeronautical Engineering where she learned about Thermodynamics, Aerospace alloys, and Physics before moving into Industrial Design.

She joined Kinetica’s Team as a Jr. Designer and rapidly gained a position in charge of the programming and supervision of some of the largest Digital Fabrication tools available in the shop; she’s earned experience programming large format CNC routers and laser cutters, as well as operating our Kuka Robotic Arm.

Her never-ending curiosity has driven her to explore computational design methods, learning from the rest of the team to become a fully rounded computational designer.


mario alberto
medellín martínez

Before graduating Mario participated in kinetica’s internship program; contributing to the development of the One Thousand Museum project in Miami, and L’avenue Libertador in Buenos Aires, both by Zaha Hadid Architects. He demonstrated a remarkable commitment, adaptability, and learning capability. Upon graduation, he became a permanent member of the team.

A rapid learner, he participated as a Research Assistant at the Institute for Design and Technological Innovation of Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, gaining experience working with KUKA Robotic Arms and other Digital Fabrication Technologies. This experience has translated to his work at kinetica’s Advanced Robotic Manufacturing site.

villalobos de león

Trained as an Electrical Engineer, Nestor worked closely with his father in the family’s company developing metallic pieces for a wide palette of industries in México; there he specialized in automatization and welding, as well as learning about project management.

He first collaborated with Kinetica as an external consultant for the development of metal transformation processes for David Chipperfield’s Jumex Museum and Sasaki’s “La Carreta” pavilion. He joined kinetica to lead the team involved in all metal-mechanical processes for the 2020 Dubai Expo project; coordinating both teams for the off-side manufacturing as well as in-site processes during the installation. 

Now he is in charge of the development and coordination of all metal mechanical processes in the shop.

enemegio carmona

Leopoldo is an engineer who has been part of kinetica for almost fifteen years now, He has played different key roles in most of kinetica’s projects, accumulating experience in all operative areas.

Specialized in composite materials, from FRP and GRG to GFRC and UHPC, his expertise in material composition and behavior makes him a key member of the team, involved in all complex geometry projects, from the research and development phases, models, and mold fabrication, all the way to the manufacturing and installation of finished pieces.

josé apolinar
zuñiga bautista

Trained as a Civil Engineer, José started his career as a surveyor and in-site supervisor for a major road and highways building company. He collaborated with kinetica as an external consultant for James Turrel’s sculptural skyspace, David Chipperfield’s Jumex museum, and Duda Paine’s Equus 333 project and became a permanent member of the team to coordinate the installation of “La Carreta” Pavilion, by Sasaki.

Ever since he’s been a key player in the installation coordination and management of all projects, among which it’s worth highlighting ZHA’s 520 West 28th in New York and One Thousand Museum in Miami as well as the 2020 Dubai Expo.

edgar alan
mota soledad

A young, talented video maker, Edgar joined kinetica with the goal of finding new and innovative ways to showcase the projects and the stories behind them.

A tireless creative, he’s always looking for new expression means, from graphics and photography to video and audio. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (marco) in Monterrey.

His versatility makes him a perfect fit for the ever-changing environment at kinetica. He is in charge of the office’s image, from graphic design and social media management to video production his focus is not only documenting the day to day life but on constructing a narrative that can inform, entertain and inspire those interested in architecture, design, complex geometry and fabrication.

villareal reyna

B.A. in Business administration, over the last 20 years José has covered different roles in administrative departments for companies in industries that span from hospitality to logistics and from manufacturing to sanitation.

His charismatic personality made him gravitate towards customer care and sales/purchase positions where he has been able to develop his natural negotiation skills.

carlos alberto
martínez bustos

With more than 20 years of experience, Alberto is a consummated Public Accountant experienced in administrative and financial aspects of business operation.

With a sharp analytic and managerial mind, he has specialized in tax compliance and reimbursement for international trading.

He joined Kinetica as Head accountant with the goal of optimizing the use of financial, infrastructure, and human resources.

monica alejandra
molina molano

majored in business administration, over the last 15 years Monica has served in the commercial, administrative, and accounting departments for a wide palette of companies in fields such as education, recycling, and Human resources.

Her experience in staff, payroll, and financial management led her to join Kinetica’s accounting department where she assists in the implementation of strategies for optimizing Kinetica’s financial operation.

Oscar Heranz

A seasoned certified welder, Oscar started his career as an apprentice in his hometown, Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Prior to joining Kinetica, Oscar worked for a global conglomerate focused on the development of large-scale industrial and public infrastructure, participating in projects in Spain, Algeria, México, and Panama where he took part in the Panama Canal expansion project.

He joined Kinetica for the Dubai 2020 Expo project, working on the off-site manufacturing as well as on the installation and finishing stages.

His experience and character, as well as his knowledge in off-site and on-site processes, standards, and regulations, make him a key player in the development of welding procedures for the special projects developed by Kinetica, as well as for the coordination and training of the welding team.

luis javier
rivera lópez

A senior member of Kinetica’s workshop, Luis has been part of our team for nearly twenty years.

He is a 3rd generation carpenter and cabinet maker with an in-depth understanding of geometry and fabrication processes. His knowledge and versatility in shop operation in conjunction with his mastery of aesthetics, functionality, and design language helped build the symbiotic relationship between Kinetica’s workshop and office.

He’s been part of all Kinetica’s projects, from the fabrication of mock-ups and samples to the development of wooden structures for models and molds, all the way to the installation of finished pieces.

rosalio josé
velazquez gallardo

Rosalio joined Kinetica as a general assistant in the shop more than ten years ago and, since the beginning, showed outstanding learning capability and an inventive and resourceful personality.

He has been part of the development of many of Kinetica’s projects, not only in the execution phase but also in the design process; with creative solutions to some of the most challenging aspects of the fabrication and installation processes of the One Thousand Museum in Miami, Lantern House in NYC, and Expo 2020 Pavillion in Dubai, to name just a few.

andrea castilla

Andrea is a young talented industrial designer who started in kinetica as part of our internship program and quickly demonstrated a great capacity to analyze information, explore different solutions via fast and efficient 3d modeling, and generate appealing infographics to communicate design proposals to the clients and architects.

Her adaptability and the ability to quickly understand Design constraints and requirements and implement them in the development of highly detailed models led her to a permanent position in the Computational Design team as a Jr Designer, where she is involved in the development of several high profile projects across the US.


Wiktor is an Industrial Design student enrolled in SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny’s School of Form Design Department in Poland. His interest in complex geometry led him to learn Grasshopper and develop several exploratory projects combining computational design methods with robotic manufacturing tools.

In his quest to develop his skillset he decided to take a gap year and join kinetica’s internship program where he has the chance to learn and apply advanced computational design schemes in different high-profile architectural projects.
























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