How We Work




the steps of our work


  • First approach with our client, shares idea, needs and expectations.

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  • From this point on we follow our Production Model.
  • Internal meeting where we brainstorm ideas and explore possible solutions and the project’s scope.
  • We suggest materials and the processes that will be followed.
  • We define as much as possible in order to create the quote.


  • We analyze the project’s costs in order to obtain an estimate or quote, depending on the level of detail provided by the client.

Design & Development

  • Once contracted, we continue to work on the previously proposed solution.
  • We assign a Basecamp user to achieve direct and efficient interaction and communication.
  • We develop engineering and production drawings.
  • We specify the materials and suppliers.
  • Planning of Fabrication and Installation Process.
  • We assign the correct personnel and workforce for the project.


  • We implement a production process based on simple and precise instructions, taking the best advantage of the technical abilities of the work team and Kinetica’s and our allied supplier’s infrastructure.
  • During the whole process we follow a tight quality control method to achieve the expected results.


  • Since the projects initial stages we design the transportation and installation logistics, whether in Monterrey, or elsewhere.
  • We install until the very last detail.
  • Final project walkthrough and hand over.

Production Model

an effective method expressed as a list of well defined instructions for a manufacturing process. Describing a plan that, when executed, will proceed through a finite number of well- defined successive stages.



design & engineering


on-site verification

mmm fabrication and production lines

programming and assigning of human resources


total quality control

on-site modifications

sincronizing with on-site contractors

storage, packaging, transportation and maneuvers

material reception process

installation process

project completion

feedback and conclusions