camino real logo & louvers



challenge: Design of a custom made louver system for the swimming pool area of the Camino Real Hotel, as well as to recreate the hotel’s logo in polymeric concrete.


San Pedro Garza Garcia NL

The design of the louver was intended to simulate a roof which would distribute sunlight indirectly inside the area. The direction, in which the light rays are sent, permits major sunlight in the morning and diffusing light throughout the day. The pieces are structured with rails on both sides, which lets each piece slide, for installation and alignment. This was fabricated in natural aluminum, which gives the pieces structure, and lightweight. We used electrostatic paint finish for major resistance of UV rays.
The logo we created was a large scale version of Camino Real’s logo, which was fabricated from an mdf model cut by CNC, afterwards there was a fiber glass mold we took from this model which was divided in three for easy unmold. The final piece was made from polymeric concrete with steel structure, weighing about 1.1 tons.


Legorreta + Legorreta

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