La Carreta




ITESM Monterrey Campus

La Carreta is the heart of the University Tec de Monterrey. Being a center point for interaction between students, teachers, and visitors. La Carreta used to be a cafeteria which now needed to grow with the everyday necessities. La Carreta has transformed into a Pavilion with multifunctional spaces.

The construction of La Carreta was in its concept a plug and play method, in which every element was fabricated offsite in our workshop and installed sistematically onsite. Many specialities had to work with us in order to ensure the correct installation and functionality of the Pavilion.



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La carreta-perspectiva

Photo Credits: RAWS

La carreta-1 2

Photo Credits: RAWS

La carreta-fachada sur

Carreta drone zoom out

Drone frontal view

Fabricacion vigas de acero


Presicion tools steel fabrication

Traslado viga acero 2

Foto instalacion kinetica

Onsite installation steel structures2

Download steel columns

Onsite installation steel structures aerea

Onsite installation steel structures aerea2

Onsite installation steel structures4

Onsite steel columns3

Steel structure kinetica

Onsite steel columns4

Instalacion crsitales

Instalacion vidrio 4

Detalles finales instalacion3

Detalles finales instalacion2

Carreta interior

Carreta final pictures

Fotos finales carreta

Photo Credits: RAWS

Carreta pasillo

Photo Credits: RAWS

Fachada oeste

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