mune lighting


—2005 & 2010

challenge: create a set of stainless steel lamps, that would look sleek and slightly curved for a museum’s plaza.


monterrey, nl

lighting designed for the northeast east museum in monterrey, mexico. The lamps had three different heights 6 m., 9 m., 12 m., made of stainless steel tube, with a specially designed lighting mechanism. The lighting works with reflection, therefore the upper part of the lamp, was manufactured in cone shape facing downwards, were it would receive the light and reflect it below. These cone shaped machined pieces, had to have a polished finish. The lamps were interesting to install and several years later we were asked to produce more of these lamps for an extension of the plaza.


architects: Salinas Lascheras

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Dscn8714 buena

Mune museo del noreste luminarias lamparas inoxidable



Acero inoxidable lighting museum lighting monterrey mexico

Soldadura equipo de corte soldadura inoxidable presicion soldering

Rolling stainless steel lighting luminary urban lamps

Kinetic kinetica kinettica kinetika kinetics kinethica cinetica

Lamparas de acero inoxidable edmundo salinas lascheras monterrey


Mune lamps kinetica luis gabriel orozco padilla edmundo salinas lascheras

Lamparas inoxidable stainless steel glass fiber woodwork wood plastic


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