petate copper entry



challenge: to wrap a cylindrical entry with copper sheets without any visible joints.


san pedro garza garcia, nl mexico

The main task was to cover a 32 feet high cylindrical entry of a residential house, with copper sheets. The challenge was to blend in the main door and avoid any visible joints. Inspired by our Mexican traditions, came a very simple solution for our project; a craft called Petate, a small mat woven with palm fibers which main use is for sleeping. Why fight against the joints when we could use them to our advantage? Therefore we created as many joints as possible, so the spectator would see the body as a whole.


arq. lucia elizondo / general contractors: onix coordicacion y direccion s.a. de c.v.

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Puerta cobre (2)

Cobre monterrey tejido acabado

Cobre gfrc monterrey santa catarina diseno especial complejo geometria

Fibra de vidrio industrial complex shapes molds


Puerta cobre (26)

Cobre torno dobladora angulos caprichos aqruitectonicos

Puerta cobre (37)

photography by jorge taboada


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