terrazas gfrc rooftops



challenge: manufacture the roof of a house with complex concave and convex waves entirely in our workshop.


san pedro garza garcia, nl

The roofs geometric design created a need for a solution for the expansion forces that counterpointed each other. The solution was to design a rooftop that would work like a lung system, which could overcome the climatic changes and the natural contraction and expansion of the materials. Therefore we suggested manufacturing the roof with GFRC as main material, which could achieve the great dimensions we needed, fractured in several pieces, this would permit controlled contractions. The rooftop’s final finish was stainless steel sheets, so we designed our GFRC pieces with canals that would permit the stainless steel installation seem more homogenous.


architect: Wallace E. Cunningham coordinator: Architta Arquitectura general contractor: onix coordinacion y direccion s.a. de c.v.

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Plano techo terrazas


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Complicated concrete shapes, double curvature molds, rhino, grasshopper, diseño complicado, formas

Complicadas, formas complejas, acero inoxidable, arquitectura en acero inoxidable, fachada en acero



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